10 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelance Writer

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Increasing your earning potential as a freelance writer is about more than negotiating pricing. If you’ve got the basics of being a freelancer down and are ready to generate more money, consider these techniques that helped one writer earn 40% more per hour.

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2017 — but I consider my first five years in the industry a practice round, because I was so unsuccessful.

I spent those years making low five figures annually. After I secured a full-time writing job, I was frightened to ever go back to freelancing for a career. I assumed I was simply lousy at it. Then I got laid off.

In December 2020, I was suddenly without a job and only got roughly one freelancing task every other month.

But this time, I cranked up my freelancing game — and went from making absolutely nothing to matching my full-time pay in less than 90 days.

1. Find out to compose for the web.

Web content marketing and also online publishing drive some of the greatest need for authors. Firms need authors for article, social networks, email advertising, electronic books, and also touchdown web pages.

If your history remains in print journalism or creative writing, read up on how to compose for on the internet systems, consisting of seo (SEO) as well as social networks, to significantly boost the jobs you get.

2. Establish a niche.

I connect a lot of my success event customers rapidly to my concentrate on blogging about individual finance, a desired niche. I 'd worked full time for five years in the space, honing my know-how in complex subjects.

I at first didn't wish to particular niche down because I such as discussing so many points. However labeling myself a "personal finance author" as well as leaning right into my best knowledge base aids me bring in clients searching for that competence. It additionally aids my network think of me for referrals.

Financing, health, and legislation are all profitable specific niches that always seem to have open writing possibilities. They each cover complex subjects that have a significant effect on readers' lives, so experience from authors and editors is essential.

I do not have a certification, such as a Certified Financial Organizer ™ or certified public accountant, yet those would certainly include authority as well as boost your value as a specific niche author. Legal blogs commonly want to see a regulation level or education and learning along with experience discussing regulation.

3. Be referable.

Through permanent jobs as well as self-employed side gigs throughout the years, I established strong relationships with editors and also fellow writers.

Networking has never ever been my strength. I created connections rather on the stamina of my work-- I turned in clean copy, satisfied target dates, and recommended good suggestions. When my friends as well as associates recognized I was available for work, they were happy to refer me to customers and pass possibilities my way.

No matter how much you're earning money for your work now, put your full effort behind it. Appearing as well as doing a killer task will certainly set you as much as see referrals roll in-- so you can become picky as well as feel great negotiating higher prices.

4. Be adaptable with rates.

Establishing freelance rates is a complex dancing. I establish my first target rather arbitrarily, based upon what I recognized from coworkers and freelance authors I would certainly collaborated with as an editor. It was pretty high, as well as I declined a couple of deals from potential customers that could not match it.

But then I obtained a deal from a site I recognized I would certainly delight in writing for. It used an established price to all consultants-- half my target per-word price. However it likewise had unlimited chances for projects, so I 'd invest less time pitching and also seeking brand-new work.

A reduced price with the assurance of abundant work could be more profitable than a high rate for one-off or erratic jobs you need to invest unpaid time securing. Build that distinction right into your rates to stay clear of denying great possibilities that do not fit your rigorous criteria.

5. Job based on profits, not hrs.

You can prepare your days as a freelancer a few methods:

By time: Devote to working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or any kind of established variety of hrs). Stop at giving up time, even if you're in the middle of a project, and also resume the next day.

By jobs: Create an order of business for the day, and also work till you inspect everything off.

By incomes: Go for an average day-to-day dollar amount, and also job until you've made it.

I prepare my days based upon incomes, due to the fact that it helps me gain one of the most and regularly increase my incomes without raising my hours or work.

Working toward a buck amount every day helps me prioritize job, and also it helps me rapidly see when I require to rebalance my workload by going down over-taxing customers and also connecting to new prospects.

6. Do some math.

This was among one of the most vital actions I required to improve my income 70% in my 3rd month back at freelancing. At an early stage, I was doing a great deal of material management work that filled out to 20 hours weekly, and I was doing a few composing projects to fill out the remainder.

Tracking the hours invested in each task assisted me quickly see that creating had a far better ROI.

Track the moment you invest in each job to understand your reliable hourly price. You'll see which jobs are earning you cash and which are sucking your time.

To establish a target hourly rate, a good rule of thumb is to increase your permanent hourly price. If you're going for an annual wage of $50,000, the per hour price at a full-time work would certainly be about $24. Go for around $48 per hr freelancing.

You need to go for more as a consultant, since you do not make money for each hour you function. You spend lots of non-billable hrs on tasks like creating pitches, investigating magazines, searching task boards, creating proposals, conference with leads, or networking.

When you're independent, you also need to pay even more taxes and buy your very own health insurance if you do not have a spouse that can supply insurance coverage.

7. Go down time-sucking customers.

After understanding I might gain a lot more on creating than on material administration, I discharged a client that had actually commanded a ton of my time for a reduced hourly price.

When I filled that time with various other customers, my hourly rate jumped concerning 40%. That suggested I can gain even more money and work less hrs. I was reluctant to lose that client, that assured as much work as I wanted, but I knew I might make better use of my time.

Understand inefficient job that draws a great deal of time you could invest in more rewarding job; and do not hesitate to go down clients for better opportunities.

Notification customers that waste your time with non-billable work-- the ones who require challenging invoicing, email you at strange hrs, micromanage every assignment, expect several rounds of modifications, or are typically messed up. Make up that added time when identifying the per hour rate you earn for that customer's tasks.

8. Don't rely on pitches.

My biggest blunder in my first stint as a consultant was thinking throwing was the only means to obtain job.

Sending out a one-off pitch is a fantastic method to obtain a project at a high-end publication or newspaper, or at blogs as a new writer. However it's a tiresome method to make a living writing.

Concentrate on finding clients that supply recurring composing job and want a long-lasting connection. Local business frequently work this way, as do specific niche sites that require proficiency, like money, health, or lawful blogs.

Or turn one-off assignments right into ongoing gigs by doing a fantastic task.

Follow up after one successful task with another pitch. As soon as an editor knows exactly how great you are, let them know you're readily available to approve assignments. Many sites have a wish-list of write-ups they would certainly like written, and they'll be happy to pass them your way once you have actually shown on your own trustworthy.

9. Seek gigs in the best locations.

As a new consultant, you might have relied on broker websites like Upwork as well as Textbroker to discover places to earn money to compose. Yet clients on those sites are often trying to find the most inexpensive hire as well as aren't as interested in quality.

Now that you have much more experience, you have better choices to discover independent work:

Browse higher-quality work boards, like MediaBistro, JournalismJobs.com, as well as Mediagazer.

Host a profile as well as "collaborate with me" page by yourself site, as well as web link to it from your social media sites profiles to help customers find you.

Sign up with subscription groups of authors, like Freelance Writers Den, Editorial Freelancers Organization, or Culture of Expert Reporters, which host vetted work boards and allow you checklist yourself as offered for hire.

Use your network and also see to it colleagues that enjoy your work recognize you're available, so they can send out potential customers your method. Try to return the support when you can.

Join freelance writer teams on Facebook, like The Freelance Web Content Marketing Writer as well as The Write Life, where editors publish high quality chances.

10. Connect to brand-new customers.

When you're a new writer, it can be easy to depend on task boards or Facebook messages to find new clients, however you can make more money if you discover clients by yourself.

Use websites like Crunchbase to locate startups in your field. Send emails to them explaining what you provide and also exactly how you can assist expand their company with your writing.

Set a calendar tip to follow up within a couple of months with a fast check-in as well as a web link to your most recent short article.

Following up is vital, even if you never listen to back or get a lukewarm feedback. You never understand when a company will certainly be ready for freelance assistance. It could be 6 months or a year from now.

Enhance your value by concentrating on a particular niche and also proving your top quality and also work principles to colleagues. Avoid low-rate work boards, as well as look for jobs through industry groups, vetted listings, as well as network recommendations.

Although it can be laborious, try to track your work. Understanding just how much your time is worth is the first step to determining exactly how to obtain even more out of it.

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