Cristiano Ronaldo stand sideways during Portugal’s national anthem- Another Controversy

As Portugal's captain this winter, Cristiano Ronaldo will be going to Qatar with the goal of winning the World Cup for the first time.

This World Cup is probably the football legend's last opportunity to win the prize that has eluded him his whole career.

Each time a game is played in the Middle East, the captain will lead by example as he leads his team onto the field.

But when singing the Portuguese national song, spectators will note that Ronaldo stands in a distinct position from the rest of his team. This is why

Why does Ronaldo slant his body during the national anthem of Portugal?

Both teams stand together while the national anthems are played before to the start of every international match, as is customary.

Although many have noticed that Ronaldo is standing awkwardly when Portugal takes the field.

The captain turns to the side and stands at an angle to sing while the group embraces one another.

He does this in order to face the Portuguese flag during the national anthem and make a patriotic display of it.

Over the years, Ronaldo has established this as a way for him to honour his nation before games.

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