Jordan Klepper Asks: Are We Unfollowing Democracy

Jordan Klepper is a comedian who recently made the jump to television. And in an interview with Stephen Colbert, he had this to say about our current political climate: “I think that we are systematically un-following democracy. We’re not following the will of the people. We’re not following what they want us to do.” Are we as a society following Jordan Klepper’s advice? Or are we blindly going along with what our leaders tell us? Listen to the full interview and decide for yourself.

Klepper wonders if we're unfollowing democracy

Jordan Klepper wonders if we're unfollowing democracy. In a recent episode of his Comedy Central show, Klepper asked his viewers whether or not they were following the presidential election in America. Most people said no, but Klepper found that only about one-third of those who watched the show voted. "I think we're unfollowing democracy," he said. "Since 2016, when we started paying attention to it, our president has done nothing but break promises."

Klepper also says that social media is partly to blame for this trend: "Twitter and Facebook made it really easy for people to follow a specific politician and forget about everything else." Klepper suggests that we should all be more thoughtful when it comes to following politics on social media and get involved in our democracy instead of just watching it happen.

He goes on a rant about social media

Jordan Klepper's new show "The Opposition" debuted on the Comedy Central network this week and it features Klepper holding a panel of experts accountable by asking them questions about topics they know little or nothing about. Klepper's first guest was comedian and vocal Trump critic, Kathy Griffin. Klepper asked her what she thought of the president's first 100 days in office and Griffin had some harsh words for him.

"It's been really disappointing, actually," she said. "He's just given away stuff like the Mexico border wall for free...he took away healthcare from 24 million people who couldn't afford it."

Klepper then turned to Twitter user @SavageAbe and asked him how he felt about democracy being undermined by social media. Savage Abe is an alt-right conspiracy theorist who has over 1 million followers on the platform.

"I think that social media is poison," he said. "It destroys democracy because you have mobs forming online instead of in real life where we can have rational discussion."

Klepper talks about the dangers of fake news

Jordan Klepper, comedian and host of the new show "The Opposition" on the Comedy Central network, recently had a discussion with CNN's Poppy Harlow about the dangers of fake news. Klepper says that while he is not sure what to call it, fake news is something that people should be concerned about because it can have a real impact on democracy.

Klepper discusses how we've seen fake news stories influence elections in the past and how we could see it do so again in the future. He points out that when you don't have an accurate source for information, your ability to make informed decisions is severely hindered. Klepper also raises the issue of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter censoring certain types of content without telling its users why. This, he argues, can lead to a situation where people start to distrust the media altogether.

It's important for people to be aware of the dangers of fake news, Klepper says, because if we don't take steps to stop it from affecting our democracy, it could eventually do damage that'll be hard to repair.

Klepper gets emotional about the state of our country

Jordan Klepper, the host of Comedy Central's "The Opposition" got emotional on Monday night during an episode dedicated to the state of our democracy. The comedian asked if we're following democracy and it's not just a figure of speech anymore.

Klepper said that he doubts people are even aware of what democracy is anymore because it seems like our government doesn't represent us. He also pointed out how Trump was elected despite having zero political experience and how things have only gotten worse since then.

"I worry about this country," Klepper said. "I worry about the future of our democracy."

Klepper isn't the only person worried about our democracy; lots of people have voiced their concerns recently. But what can we do to save it? As Klepper said, we need to be aware of what's happening and make sure that we're voting in elections and protesting when necessary.

Klepper says it's time to get woke

Jordan Klepper has a question for his fellow Americans: are we unfollowing democracy?

The 44-year-old comedian and political commentator appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Monday night to discuss the current state of American politics. Klepper asked Colbert if he thought people were disengaging from democracy, and the host replied that he believed it was happening.

"You know, I think there's something to that," Colbert said. "I mean, look at our president. He's not very well liked, right? And yet he won by a pretty large margin. And I don't know if people are looking at what's going on in Washington or tuning out altogether."

Klepper agreed that the loss of public trust in institutions was a significant problem, but argued that it wasn't just Trump's administration that was contributing to this trend. He cited the recent wave of protests against white supremacy as an example of how citizens could take action when they saw things going wrong without waiting for someone else to do it for them.

"So what do we do?" Klepper asked. "I mean, is there anything that we can actually do about it? Or is this just something that we're going to have to ride out?"

Klepper talks about the need for activism

Jordan Klepper has a message for liberals: you need to start getting active. The comedian and host of the popular new show “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper” spoke with Democracy about the power of activism and how it can help protect democracy in America. “If there is one thing we have learned over the last year, it's that people need to be more vocal about their opinions and what they want in this country,” Klepper said.

Klepper argues that too often liberals sit on the sidelines, silently protesting against things like Trump's travel ban or Kavanaugh's confirmation but not doing anything to help push their agenda. He says that when liberals are silent, it allows conservatives to dominate the conversation and ignore important issues like healthcare or education.

“When people don't speak up, it gives things like Brett Kavanaugh a voice,” Klepper said. “He wasn't going anywhere without support from people on the right who were willing to do whatever they could to put him in office. When we responded by being inactive instead of speaking up and pushing back against him, we gave him a free pass. We allowed conservatism to win by default which endangered our democracy as a whole...It is our responsibility as liberals to fight tooth and nail for what we believe in and make sure that our voices are heard no matter what."

Klepper says that there are many ways that activists can help protect democracy in America. They can vote

Klepper ends the segment by saying we should all vote

Jordan Klepper, host of the "The Daily Show," urges everyone to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Klepper says that democracy is "we, the people." He speaks about how important it is to participate in voting and expresses his concerns about society being swayed by those who are not registered to vote. Klepper exhorts Americans to go out and cast their ballots on November 6th.

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